The Tactical Dog Collar and Harness

The Tactical Dog Collar

Seems “Tactical” is all the rage these days.  Tac-lites, tac-visors, tac-shades, tac-knives, etc, etc.  As a former Marine, I’m a fan…what can I say.  I love the idea and having crawled through the mud and muck for 16+ years, I know how tough some of this stuff really is.  The Tactical dog collar…I wish I had thought of it.

Tactical dog collar - keep your pet safe and stylish
So let’s talk about Dog Collars…specifically, the hugely popular Tactical Dog Collar. The image to the left will take you to Amazon where you can get one (or more) for your furry friends today!

How comfortable is the tactical dog collar?

Ask Fido.  Does he look like he hates it?  Our dogs let us know when they are wearing a collar they hate.  They try to chew it off (and often get the bottom jaw stuck in it), try to catch it on things…tree limbs, shelves, etc…to pull it off and, I swear, they talk to each other about it.  I cannot count the times our dogs have been playing and a collar ends up in the dirt.

How safe is the tactical dog collar?

Very safe – that’s really the main point.  The “caring for your dog” market is huge and growing and the folks making the tactical collars realize this.  They have created an amazing product that does a great job of keeping your dog safe. The collar will not accidentally unbuckle.  It is thick enough so that you can tighten it adequately without worrying about it pinching or causing breathing problems, and no matter how hard of a puller you have, the collar is made strong enough to withstand it…Fido will not break free from this collar.  The weak link will be the leash (there are tactical leashes too!) or your arm.  The collar will be fine.

What can I add to a tactical dog collar?

How about a patch with your furry friends name on it?  How about a badge of honor…you decide what it says.  The options are (almost) limitless.

The Tactical Dog Harness

Tactical dog harness, keep your mutt safeIf the Tactical Dog Collar doesn’t suit you and your dog’s needs, or doesn’t give quite the look you are going for, maybe a Tactical Dog Harness is a better approach.  The Tactical Dog Harness by IceFang provides a lot of functionality including multiple velcro surfaces and loop hooks for attaching items. Metal buckles are used for the main stress points at the shoulders to provide the needed strength and toughness for this harness.  Overall, a great look  and a lot of utility built right in.

These range in sizes that will fit your Great Dane right down to an extra small size that’ll fit your dachshund or, perhaps, your kitty.

The Velcro spaces on the harness can be used to carry items or even to provide signage to people such as “in training, do not pet” or “service dog, do not pet”…quite useful.

We hope you have enjoyed this review – if you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear them.